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Vending the Unexpected

Wonderbox is part of a creative vending movement. We bring together the convenience of vending machines with unexpected items that showcase local artisans, makers + merchants.

flamingo ice cream cone and orange house
Butterfly on a TV

Where to find us

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GameCraft Brewing

Laguna Hills, CA


Featured creators

The artisans, makers + merchants featured in each Wonderbox are bursting with talent and creativity. We delight in showcasing their work and intentionally stock a diverse spectrum of mediums, styles and items that rotate regularly.

vintage picture frame
rocket ship

Our Story


Wonderbox began one afternoon in the most unassuming of ways as some of the best ideas often do, at the unexpected intersection of ...

palm trees

San Diego 


A Burst of Creativity

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An OfferUp Ad

Get a Wonderbox!

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Interested in hosting a Wonderbox at your location? We’d love to hear from you. Wonderbox is a great fit for places where people gather, delivering delight on-demand. We are intentional about vetting each location for fit and tailor product collections that cater to your unique ambience and demographic.

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What's New!

We're on the move! Stay connected with us as we feature what's happening now, new local goods, and where to find the next Wonderbox.

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